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If I stab my gums or the roof of my mouth while eating, is that a dental emergency?

Sometimes, but not usually. 

Most of us are familiar with the unpleasant, painful sensation of having a pointy piece of food, such as a tortilla chip, stab the roof of our mouths when we’re least expecting it. Even the smallest, most innocent parts of food can turn “violent” when they unexpectedly poke us or become temporarily lodged in our gums. 

Thankfully, however, most such instances are not dental emergencies—just dental inconveniences. 

If you injure yourself while chewing a piece of food, the best thing to do is to remove the food and inspect the area for damage gently. It’s common to have a small, blister-like bubble form around the injury, and you can expect the inside of your mouth to be tender and sensitive for several days. Sometimes, a simple painkiller such as Motrin can help alleviate this pain. 

A situation with a tortilla chip or other food would only become a dental emergency if your mouth begins bleeding profusely or if you cannot remove the food from your gums.

In these instances, it’s always a good idea to call your Rockville emergency dentist so we can examine the area right away. Soft tissue injuries such as these aren’t usually permanent or threatening, but it’s always best to rule out infection or other damage. 

The next time you have a painful run-in with a bite and food and wonder if you need emergency dentistry, contact Dr. Thomas Gladnick or Dr. Elizabeth Gladnick right away!

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