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Clear Aligner Therapy with Invisalign Patient putting on Invisalign in Rockville, MD

When we look in the mirror, we want to be happy with the teeth smiling back at us.

In a perfect world, we would all be born with healthy teeth that are bright, white, well proportioned, and straight. Some of us are born with naturally straight teeth, but most of us are not. In fact, it is estimated that at any given time, up to 4 million Americans are currently undergoing orthodontic treatment in order to get straighter, healthier teeth.

This used to mean one thing: braces. And even though braces do a great job of putting teeth into an ideal alignment, there are some annoying downsides. It is more difficult to eat certain foods, plaque collects around the teeth more easily, flossing and brushing are much harder, and while you’re patiently waiting for your teeth to move into that perfect smile, you’ve got a mouth full of metal.

These days we can enjoy the comfort and style of Invisalign. Clear aligner therapy can give us the smile we want without any of the discomforts or anxiety that metal braces often provoke. 

In our world of social media and pictures, having a beautiful smile can really make a photo. Having a dazzling, proportionate smile is what everyone wants, but not everyone knows how easy it is to get one. If you find yourself hiding your smile in photos, or not speaking up in a group because of shame in your smile, you can change that today. 

How Crooked Teeth Affect Your Dental Health

Many people get invisible braces due to cosmetic reasons, but did you know that crooked teeth can also impact your oral health? It's true! The fact is, it's harder to clean crooked teeth. Overlapping teeth can have food particles or debris get caught between teeth, and these might be areas that you can't reach through brushing and flossing. When this happens, you get put at risk for tooth decay, gum disease, or cavities. It's also good to note that invisible braces help fix your bite, which may not line up correctly.

If your bite is misaligned, you may experience headaches and jaw pain in your joints, which could be TMD (temporomandibular disorder). If your bite is not aligned correctly, you could wear down your teeth since they may be overworked. While most probably don't require multiple reasons to enhance their teeth cosmetically, it's nice to know that clear aligner therapy can keep you healthy as well as attractive!

How Invisalign Works

For patients interested in clear aligner therapy, your first dental appointment consists of a series of exams and impressions, even x-rays when necessary. During this time, you can discuss your smile plans and goals with your Rockville dentist. We want to be able to design the perfect smile for you, not just what fits for everyone else.

Once the impressions are created, they are scanned, and a 3-D model is formed that showcases how your teeth will look after each set of aligners. You will be able to see how your smile and teeth will look after the orthodontic process is complete. Once our Rockville dentists are satisfied with the smile plan you both have created, your treatment can begin as soon as the aligners have been fabricated. We will make sure your aligners fit your smile correctly and that there is no discomfort before leaving the dental office. Dr. Gladnick will schedule dental visits in order to keep track of your smile and note any problems. 

It's important to note that in order for Invisalign to work correctly, you will need to wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours each day, and you will get a new set of aligners every two weeks. The clear aligners apply mild pressure that will gradually straighten your teeth over time. After a week to two weeks of wear, the teeth have been gently moved enough that the patient can insert the next set of aligners, and little by little, the teeth are more ideally positioned. Patients love clear aligner therapy in Rockville, MD for many reasons, but one of the best parts is, as the Invisalign name suggests, most people don’t even see the aligners. And unlike braces, no sharp areas are poking into your cheeks and gums. 

The first step in determining if Invisalign is perfect for you is by scheduling a dental appointment at Gladnick Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. Together with you, your dentist can create a smile treatment plan that shows how your teeth will be straightened using models of your smile.

The Benefits of Invisalign

There are many benefits to Invisalign, most notably being its invisible nature. Invisalign make it easy for active adults and teens to straighten their teeth imperceptibly. The aligners are manufactured using a transparent plastic material that looks almost invisible when worn. Invisalign is so comfortable that it doesn't interfere with how you speak, and you can remove it before eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth. Patients straightening their teeth with Invisalign don't have to disrupt their day-to-day activities—no matter how active or professional their lives are!

Couple smiling on the beachMany of our patients appreciate being able to remove their aligners, especially for eating, brushing, flossing, or for big occasions or meetings. Being able to remove your aligners allows patients to eat whatever they like, unlike with traditional braces. You can continue with your regular oral health routine at home since you won't have to worry about wires, brackets, or other components of traditional braces. 

Invisalign is also smooth and comfortable without scratching the inside of cheeks or gums, so patients have no problem wearing them all day without distraction. Traditional metal braces are commonly known for being uncomfortable and painful, many of us have heard stories of the pain of tightening wires, along with the embarrassment of having food get caught in hard-to-reach spots. 

With so many benefits provided by Invisalign, there are no more excuses for living with less than straight teeth! Call Gladnick Family & Cosmetic Dentistry at (301) 963-0800 to schedule a dental appointment with one of our Rockville dentists to get you started.

Contact Us to Take the Journey Towards Straighter Teeth

 Are your teeth crowded or crooked? Have the spaces in between your teeth always bothered you? Invisalign, or aligner therapy, is an orthodontic procedure in Rockville, MD that lines up your teeth discreetly and comfortably. Using clear plastic aligners, Dr. Elizabeth P. Gladnick and Dr. Thomas B. Gladnick can slowly adjust your teeth with minimal discomfort.

During your initial consultation with your Rockville, MD dentist, you will go over your candidacy, options you have, and which procedure works best with your schedule and lifestyle. Not everyone is a good candidate for Invisalign; some cases may need traditional braces to treat thoroughly.

Do you get food stuck in between your teeth easily? Are you tired of having crooked or protruding teeth? Do you think your life would benefit from a straighter smile? If you answered yes, give us a call today at (301) 963-0800, and we’ll see if clear aligner therapy can help you!