What to Expect at Your First Appointment

After checking in at the front desk, feel free to make yourself a cup of coffee or tea in the reception room. There are a few simple forms to fill out, and we are happy to help you with them if you have any questions. You can even fill them out ahead of time, and they can be found at our website here. If you have any x-rays or old records of treatment from your previous dentist, you can bring them with you. Forgot them? No problem! We can call the old office and have them send everything over via email.

Patients usually do not have to wait for appointments, and as soon as the paperwork is completed, you will be escorted to one of our treatment rooms. There, one of our hygienists will take any necessary x-rays, clean and polish your teeth, and answer any questions you might have. We pride ourselves on our patient education, and we are happy to give you any instructions that you need to help you take care of your teeth and gums on a daily basis. After your cleaning, you’ll meet Dr. Liz Gladnick or Dr. Tommy Gladnick (it’s your choice!), who will review any x-rays and provide a thorough examination for you, and construct a treatment plan.

You’ll leave every cleaning armed with a new toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and the confidence that you are on the road to great dental health!