Emergency Dentists in Rockville, MD



At Gladnick Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we’re sensitive to the needs of our patients and the Rockville, MD community during this difficult time. As our state slowly reopens and dentists and patients can return to dental offices in a limited capacity, we’re committed to providing the same excellent standard of care to every person we treat. 

During times of crisis as well as in ordinary circumstances, our dentists are always here to help you get through dental emergencies that arise. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re following ADA-recommendations and taking our sanitization protocols very seriously so that we can continue to treat injuries in a safe environment. 

Even if you’re not on the schedule for a routine dental cleaning and exam, we can always make time in our day to examine your mouth if you have a dental emergency. Whether it’s a broken tooth or a painful toothache, don’t put off emergency dental treatment due to fear. Instead, call our Rockville dentists right away at (301) 963-0800 to schedule a visit with us

When can you treat my dental emergency in Rockville?

We know that dental emergencies tend to strike at the most inconvenient times and don’t take a vacation even during worldwide pandemics. Woman icing her face from dental emergency near Rockville, MD

While your routine and daily life have no doubt changed over the last few months, we assure you that the quality of our dental care has not. Our goal is always to see you with a healthy smile and to keep you out of pain—which means if you have a dental emergency, we want to help immediately. 

If you experience a dental emergency near Rockville, or are dealing with extreme tooth pain, don’t wait to pick up the phone and call us. Dr. Thomas Gladnick and Dr. Elizabeth Gladnick can still treat your dental emergency right here in our dental office, and we’ll always do our best to see you that same day. 

No matter what time of day you injure your tooth, we encourage you still to reach out to us. We do everything we can to help on evenings, weekends, and even holidays. 

Should I wait to get treatment for my dental emergency until after the COVID-19 outbreak is over?

No! If you have a severely damaged tooth or an oral injury, you need immediate medical attention. 

At Gladnick Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we’re prepared to fix your broken tooth even during the coronavirus outbreak. Although we aren’t back to operating on a “normal,” pre-coronavirus schedule with patients at full capacity, we remain fully equipped to handle dental emergencies and provide the pain relief you need. 

A severe dental emergency, such as an infected tooth, can cause problems for other areas of your body and even become life-threatening. We always advise being overly cautious and calling our dental team even if you don’t think your injury is that serious. 

You should contact our Rockville dentists right away if you experience:

  • A bleeding tooth or severe oral bleeding
  • A powerful or sudden toothache
  • Pus or visible signs of infection coming out of a tooth
  • A knocked-out tooth
  • A broken jaw
  • A chipped or broken tooth 
  • A damaged or broken dental restoration 

Remember, you can call us any time of day at (301) 963-0800 to schedule your emergency dentistry appointmentMan holding face in pain from dental emergency in Rockville, MD

How is your dental office staying clean and protecting people from the coronavirus? 

Even though we’re limiting our dental staff and minimizing the number of people we have in our suite at any time, we continue to adhere to our sterilization protocols and cleaning practices throughout our dental office. 

During a health crisis—or during any routine exam or cleaning—our dental office is one of the cleanest, most sterile places you can be. We follow a rigorous, thorough procedure for keeping our treatment rooms and common spaces clean, safe, and germ-free every day of the year. 

Sanitation of Common Areas

Because we know our job involves personal contact with our patients, we keep our treatment areas pristine to protect everyone involved. We value our patients’ safety and the safety of our dental staff and dentists above all else. 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known as “OSHA,” mandates that dental offices across the country use special, medical-grade disinfectants and cleaners to sterilize dental instruments, treatment rooms, exam chairs, and waiting areas. We use these cleaners multiple times each day to protect those who work here and those who visit us. 

Disposal of Single-Use Items 

Much of the equipment you observe throughout our dental practice, including needles, prophy tips, prophy cups, bibs, and plastic sleeves, are only used once before we properly dispose of them. Our dental hygienists immediately remove objects that are unsafe to use again or that we cannot thoroughly sterilize as soon as they finish with each patient’s dental cleaning.

Sanitation of Multi-Use Items

Our dental team thoroughly sterilizes all multi-use instruments, such as metal handpieces, using a heated pressure chamber known as an autoclave. The autoclave is the international standard in dentistry, as it reaches internal temperatures high enough to sterilize dental equipment between uses completely. 

We only work with our multi-use instruments once before we package them up and prepare them for their nightly sterilization. Our practice has more than enough dental instruments to always use a clean, fresh set for every patient. Emergency dentist holding up tools for urgent dental care in Rockville, MD

Minimization of Visitors and Staff 

During the coronavirus outbreak and at all times throughout the year, we ask our patients to avoid visiting us if they feel ill and have symptoms such as a cough, fever, body aches, chills, or runny nose out of respect to our other patients and our staff. 

Because we are a dental practice, our patients can’t wear masks during their treatment. All of our clinical staff members, however, continue to wear masks and gloves at all times as they have always done. Additionally, we’ve implemented the use of face shields and disposable lab coats as an extra layer of protection.  

When you come to see us for your emergency dental visit or any other dental visit, we’ll ask you to wait outside until we’re ready to begin and discourage you from bringing any unnecessary people with you to your dental appointment. 

What should I do if I have a dental emergency in Rockville?

We are here to provide the highest quality dental service every single day, including throughout the COVID-19 crisis. If you have a dental emergency, you can get in touch with us by calling (301) 963-0800 and following the instructions provided in our recorded message. We will schedule a time for you to come in so that our dental team can get you out of pain and get your mouth back to functioning in no time. 

We wish you and your family well during this challenging time. We are grateful to be your emergency dentist in Rockville, MD, and look forward to providing you with excellent emergency and comprehensive dental care whenever you need it!