Tooth Extractions in Rockville, MD

Woman with bad tooth pain at dentist in Rockville, MDWe love teeth. Teeth are precious. Without them, we couldn’t eat, talk, or express emotion nearly as effectively as we do.

Because of their importance, we try to maintain, repair, and rescue teeth whenever it’s possible. But sometimes it’s not possible, and in those situations, we still want to deliver the best care to our patients.

What is a Tooth Extraction?

Have you ever heard someone say, "It’s like pulling teeth!" when they’re talking about doing something difficult? At Gladnick Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we want to assure you that "pulling teeth" isn’t nearly as bad as it sounds.

Why Do I Need an Extraction?

Dental conditions like cavities and gum disease are not catastrophic until their later stages. Instead, they start out as very mild, often painless problems.

Cavities originate as just a little bit of staining on the surfaces of teeth. The first sign of gum disease is just some minor bleeding, often noticeable during flossing.

However, when a dental disease becomes severe enough, teeth cannot be repaired and need to be removed in order to keep the disease from spreading in the mouth or alleviate associated pain.

Enlarged cartoon tooth with first aid kitOther common reasons why your dentist in Rockville, MD may recommend an extraction are tooth impactions and root fractures.

Impactions are most commonly associated with wisdom teeth and can lead to infections, cavities, and gum disease. In many cases, it’s better to intervene early and take out the impacted tooth before it really becomes a problem. Root fractures are usually the result of trauma, either from a one-time accident or a severe tooth-grinding habit.

While no one wants to get a tooth pulled, our dentists pride themselves in performing this service with a gentle touch to make this experience as comfortable as possible. We use our intimate knowledge of your teeth, bone, and gums to extract troubled teeth with minimal procedural and post-operative discomfort to our patients.

The time period following an extraction is crucial. We’ll make sure that you know exactly what to do in order to help your mouth heal without any complications. But even after you heal, only half of your treatment is complete! The other half is just as important ­–replacing the missing tooth with a natural-looking, custom-fitted dental prosthesis you can use to eat, speak, and smile just the way you did before your original tooth was removed.

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In most cases, one of our dentists can resolve your dental pain or treat dental disease without having to take out the tooth. However, the longer you wait to seek treatment, the more time you may be giving a cavity to grow or gum disease to spread. This might mean that a tooth that could have been simply repaired may need to be extracted.

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