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Woman smiling at teeth whitening dentist in Rockville, MDWhat causes yellow teeth?

Do you like red wine? What about coffee or tea? Do you use tobacco? Hey, no judgments here!

We all have our vices, but the ones listed above can lead to staining of our teeth. Even those of us who abstain from these habits will notice some natural darkening or discoloration of our teeth over time.

In many cases, it’s not your teeth themselves that are stained. Sometimes dental plaque and calculus, which can adhere to our teeth and can’t always be removed by brushing, can get stained faster and darker than our teeth themselves. In other cases, you may notice some yellow discoloration near the gum line of your teeth. This probably isn’t staining but is instead exposure of the root surface of your tooth, which is naturally a dark yellow color. No amount of polishing or bleaching will successfully lighten the color of the root surface. But don’t worry! There are other treatment options for that!

Discoloration might also be due to the presence of cavities. Cavities grow in size and depth and cannot be whitened with special toothpastes or bleaching agents, so they must be appropriately restored before you consider whitening.

Patient smiling after teeth whitening in Rockville, MDTeeth Whitening Services at Gladnick Family and Cosmetic Dentistry 

Some staining can be removed with a simple dental cleaning or polishing while other teeth need to be treated with bleaching agents in order to make them whiter and brighter. At Gladnick Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Rockville, we offer Boost Whitening – an in-office treatment that will noticeably brighten your smile in less than half an hour, as well as at-home treatments.

At-home treatments are most commonly done with special bleaching trays made from a soft thermoplastic material that is custom fitted to your mouth. The whitening gel is placed in the tray, and the tray is placed in your mouth for the prescribed time. Our dentists in Rockville will help you decide which treatment (or both!) is right for you.

Whitening isn’t appropriate for all patients. Whitening does not change the color of crowns, veneers, or fillings, so it important to first get a dental exam to determine the plan of action that makes the most sense. It may include replacing dental restorations. 

Many patients experience extreme sensitivity to whitening agents. There are many causes for sensitive teeth, and usually, sensitivity can be reduced or eliminated with very simple treatments. If you have experienced sensitivity to whitening agents or sensitivity in general, a comprehensive dental exam is recommended before you try to whiten again.

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At Gladnick Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we love your smile, and we understand that dark, stained teeth don’t always look as healthy as they actually are. If you want to love your healthy smile, even more, call (301) 963-0800 to schedule an appointment