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Do mouth guards help with TMJ?

TMJ mouth guards in Rockville, MD, also called night guards, can help with TMJ and bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching).

TMJ is a disorder of the jaw joints, often characterized by neck, head, and shoulder pain. You may also notice a clicking sound in the joints when you yawn or open your mouth too wide. TMJ is sometimes caused by bruxism.

How Mouth Guards Help with TMJ

In bruxism, a night guard helps by gently keeping the upper and lower jaws apart during sleep. This promotes healing and helps train the jaws not to come together at night. Likewise, preventing bruxism can also promote healing in the jaw joints. Additionally, the gentle nightguard allows the TMJs to relax, which also lends to recovery.

So, a night guard for teeth grinding may help you. However, an evaluation with your dentist in Rockville, MD is always the first step. You’ll learn whether mouth guard therapy is right for you at this visit. We can also discuss costs and answer any questions you might have.

For TMJ Treatment, Contact Your Rockville Dentist

Our appliance therapy aims to help you sleep comfortably and enjoy a pain-free lifestyle. Call Gladnick Family & Cosmetic Dentistry today to learn more or arrange your assessment with a Rockville dentist.

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