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Why are dental examinations so important?

People often wonder why they should visit their dentist every six months if their teeth are not bothering them. The answer is simple.

Just like you visit your medical physician for your annual physical, your dental examinations also protect your teeth and your oral health.

During your preventive dental examination, Dr. Gladnick screens you for conditions like gum disease, tooth decay, and cavities. All of which are hard for you to detect on your own, and also cause minimal pain at first.

Scientists have linked gum disease with other systemic health concerns like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and dementia. So, protecting yourself against gum disease in Rockville also means that you are also guarding your overall well-being.

Dr. Gladnick will also check the health of your dental restorations like tooth crowns and fillings. A filling or crown that is cracked or breaking down might allow bacteria back into your tooth and could result in a dental infection.

Tooth infections are painful and require root canal treatment to alleviate them and preserve your tooth. Regular examinations allow you to replace a compromised filling or crown before it becomes a more significant problem that causes discomfort.

If it's time for your next teeth cleaning and dental examination in Rockville, MD, we encourage you to call us at (301) 963-0880 to schedule your appointment.

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