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What Is Root Planing?

February 20, 2022
Posted By: Gladnick Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Team
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Root planing is a treatment for advanced gum disease. By the time your dentist recommends dental planing, tartar has formed deep below the gum line, causing inflammation, possible gumline rescission, and damage to your overall oral health.

It is best to think of root planing as cleaning your tooth's roots.

Just like the hygienist will scrape the tartar off of your teeth above the gum line during a cleaning, a dentist will scrape the tartar off the tooth's surface below the gum line during a root planing treatment.

The gums protect the roots from the build-up that turns into tartar, and gum disease causes pockets of bacteria below the gum line to produce tartar.

This pushes the gums away from the tooth and inhibits their ability to protect the teeth.

Periodontal Treatment with Root Planing

Since regular teeth cleaning methods cannot reach the tooth's root, the hygienist must go deeper.

Root planing is excellent for the gums because it removes the tartar obstructing the gum's ability to attach to the tooth. As the gums heal, they will be able to grab and hold the teeth snugly again.

It takes around five days for a patient to heal from root planing, but they should notice significant differences in the shape and health of their gums around the teeth quickly.

Root planing cannot regrow gum tissue that has already died, but it can help the remaining receding tissue reattach and become strong and healthy again.

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