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What Are Some Common Ways Dental Emergencies Happen?

May 1, 2020
Posted By: Gladnick Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
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Especially now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be hearing a lot of buzz about dental emergencies. But unless you’ve experienced a dental emergency yourself or know someone close to you who’s needed emergent dental work, you may not have a perfect idea of how teeth get broken or why people end up at their dentist at 2 a.m. 

Below, our Rockville dentists highlight two everyday situations that can lead to dental emergencies—as well as how we can fix your teeth when you need us. 

The Impact from Baseballs, Frisbees, Hockey Pucks, and Other Sports Equipment

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for an innocent sporting event to lead to a dental emergency. Dentists commonly see tooth injuries brought on by getting hit in the mouth with a baseball, frisbee, or another object. Broken or even knocked-out teeth can be the result of participation in sports as well as spectatorship, so be extra careful if you sit near the dugout during an Orioles game!

If you experience a dental injury during a sports game, call our Rockville emergency dentists right away. We will work to restore and repair your tooth using techniques including root canals, dental fillings, or dental crowns.

Broken or Chipped Teeth After Eating 

Sticky, chewy, and hard foods are common culprits when it comes to damaged teeth. All too often, our patients will bite down on something unexpected, such as a popcorn kernel or overcooked piece of meat, and crack a tooth. 

Similarly, chewy candies like Starbursts can pull a dental filling or tooth crown out of your mouth entirely! 

If you have damaged teeth after eating a meal or snack, we should be able to fix the damage using cosmetic bonding, a dental crown, or a new dental filling. 

Don’t Wait to Reach Out if You’re in Pain

Damaged teeth need immediate attention. The next time you experience a dental emergency in Rockville, MD, call us right away at (301) 963-0800 to schedule treatment! 

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