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My dentist told me I have a cavity, but my tooth doesn't hurt. Shouldn't my tooth hurt when I have a cavity?

Cavity Filling | Rockville, MD | Gladnick Family & Cosmetic DentistryTooth Pain May Not Always Mean A Cavity

It would seem to make sense that a hole in your tooth would cause you pain!

The fact is, however, that your tooth's nerves are buried inside the tooth and the hard, outer shell – the enamel – has no nerves. If a cavity has gotten deep enough that you can feel it, that means that it's done a lot of damage to the structure of the tooth and it may need more than a simple filling to treat it!

This is actually one of the reasons why we recommend routine examinations. We would much rather catch problems early on when they are simpler to treat and long before they cause you any pain! 

Preventive Care Can Prevent Cavities

Problems of this nature, such as cavities and even some infections, become visible on an x-ray or during an exam before they reach the nerve. At this stage, we can provide simple, conservative treatment to solve the problem and repair the tooth. In some cases, we can even minimize the problem by adding a product to your home care routine or helping you improve your technique. 

If it's time for a check-up and cleaning, give us a call. And if you ever experience pain, let us know right away so we can get you in and see what's going on!

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